A catalyst for change in recycling and upcycling – advanced microwave depolymerization, cracking, conversion and plasma greentech.

What makes us different?

Realizing that the link between sustainability and commercial profitability is important in order to unleash opportunities and reimagine the future, inspired us to develop a single platform recycling solution that produces valuable by-products. With more than 20 years of advanced microwave engineering expertise and our business experience, we developed a greentech platform solution that not only depolymerizes hard-to-recycle products, but can also valorize some of the by-products such as char to graphene. It is important for us that our greentech platform solution is feedstock agnostic, containerized and mobile, energy efficient and cost effective.

We believe in delivering into a green economy that is fair, just and void of social discord and discrimination. This can only be achieved with the right mindset, talent and enabling technology. Our women owned and women led sister company, R-Squared Green, is hacking ESG talent as future – forward changemakers.

Plastic Granules

Feedstock agnostic depolymerization, conversion and cracking

Our targeted and precise microwave energy delivery enables us to depolymerize and crack feedstock such as:

  • Rubber/tire waste
  • All plastic/mixed plastic/hard-to-recycle plastic such as PVC
  • Composite waste
  • Wind turbine blades
  • Biomass/bio waste

...into monomers, specialty chemicals, chemical feedstock, fuels, gases, hydrogen and recovered products such as:

  • Recovered carbon (rCB)
  • Recovered silica (rSilica)
  • Recovered fibers
  • Activated carbon
Advanced Materials

Advanced materials/nano materials

Our robust and efficient microwave plasma process modules enables us to produce advanced materials/nano materials such as:

  • Graphite
  • Graphene
  • Nano tubes
  • Reduced graphene oxide
  • Synthetic diamonds

Our Greentech Stack

Our team

  • Annelie Stapela - Research & Innovation

    Annelie Stapela Research & Innovation

    20 years of experience in consulting, as business owner and entrepreneur.

  • Thys Rossouw - Hard-Tech

    Thys Rossouw Hard-Tech

    25 years experience in development of high‑power microwave systems, process engineering, commissioning and optimisation of plants.

  • Jan Groenewald - Soft-Tech

    Jan Groenewald Soft-Tech

    25 years experience in complex process control systems, particularly for large microwave plants.

  • Prof. Dr. Florian Turk - Commercial & Strategy

    Prof. Dr. Florian Turk Commercial & Strategy

    15 years experience consulting and commercial executive and board responsibilities global corporates.

  • Gerrit Froneman - System Integration

    Gerrit Froneman System Integration

    6 years experience in electronic engineering and system implementation.

  • Herbert van der Wissel - Project Management

    Herbert van der Wissel Project Management

    25 years project management in the technical field

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